A Habit of Self Deceit

Bad faith is a concept in existentialist philosophy coined by Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir describing the habit people have of deceiving themselves into thinking they do not have the freedom to make choices for fear of the potential consequences of making a choice. Commonly it is understood as to mislead or deceive another. 

In the past year, I have experienced a great deal of upheaval in my life. My mother, from whom I have been estranged, became ill with dementia; her 86 year old husband, my father, started confronting his own end of life insecurities, and for the first time in 30 years I started to spend time with them both. Out of this has come A Habit of Self Deceit.

The title refers both to decisions made by my parents throughout the course of their lives, and how their orientation to their lives have impacted my relationship with myself.

A Habit of Self Deceit had a successful Kickstarter run and will be released in the fall of 2017. It will contain over 60 new images and short essays.
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